106-EDV electric control rain forest valve

? Fire protection products certified by American UL and Chinese 3C Standards
? Reliable diaphragm drive
? Hydraulic operation design
? ISO-PN16 and ISO-PN25 standard flanges
? Stainless steel fasteners
? Fusion bonded red epoxy coating
? Suitable for ball size 3in/80mm – 12in/300mm
? Horizontal and vertical mounting available


The 106-EDV manual reset electrically operated deluge valve is applicable to electric fire detection and various pipeline open water sprinkler systems.In the system standby state, the impulse pipes and manual reset switches admit inlet main pipe pressure into the deluge valve operating chamber. At this time, the two-position solenoid is closed. The normally closed emergency reset switch and the check valve in the manual switch seal the water pressure in the control chamber, and the upstream pressure acts on the diaphragm of the control chamber so that the main valve is fully closed.
In case of fire alarm or fire drill, the monitoring system will jog the solenoid through the control panel to control the complete discharge of water pressure in the chamber, while the manual reset switch will prevent the water pressure at the system side from entering the main valve control chamber again so as to ensure that the upstream will fully open the deluge valve, and lock it in the open position, and the firefiighting water will enter the sprinkler and alarm system.